CRU3a croquet

On Tuesday June 8 we had thirty players and winning teams were Margie B and Sue S; Gail and Oliver; Paul and Keith; Robyn and Karl Graham and Sue; W Arnold and Margery; Andrew and Sue W; Dot and Graham; Dianne and Margie B; Joan and Karl; Annie and Lucy; Annie and Ros; Robyn and Tessa; Robyn and Susan R; Richard and Paul; Margie B and Jean W; Sandra and Genie.

No hoop to hoops were recorded, but there were jumps for Richard, Lucy, and Margery.

You can’t keep croquet people down, fifteen braved the awful weather on Friday, and some fast and furious games ensued, with everyone urging others to keep moving.

David had a great day, with four wins from four games despite gradually deconstructing his mallet. Lucy’s coaching of newbie Annie is working well, Annie has a great eye, she will be a player to watch. Di couldn’t be beaten in her first game with Graham versus Richard and Ros.

Good results for Lucy, Mal and Susan and Francis too. Hoop to hoops for Lucy and Oliver.

Join us, we enjoy the spirit of sport, fun and laughter on Tuesday and Friday from 8.30am. All equipment is provided; call Ros on 6646 0235.


Ros Higgins