CRu3a croquet

On Tuesday September 21, we managed to beat the rain and hail, finishing up before 11am.

It was a day for extra stars on our loyalty cards, with hoop to hoops for Jean B, Julie, Joan and Genie; jumps for Graham x2, Jan, Margery, Dianne, Richard and Lucy.  

Winning teams were Margie B. and Dianne, Francis and Graham, Carmen and Dot, Margery and Richard, Francis and Ros, Robyn and Margery, Sandra and Jean B, Arnold and Dianne, Graham and Margie B, Richard and Robyn, Ros and Carmen, Wan and Dianne. Francis and Genie were successful in late threesomes.

With perfect weather, the players were delighted to be out in the open for exercise and mental stimulation.

There were three wins and a hoop to hoop for Dianne, three and a jump shot for Graham, three for Francis and Bob H, and two for Morna, Tessa, Karl. Dave was the only other to score a hoop to hoop.


Ros Higgins