Crown Land management


The National and Liberal Parties have been bad news for Crown Land management in NSW. They have slashed jobs, and weakened many of the protections of the old Crown Lands Act.

A Daley Labor Government will create 20 new jobs in regional offices, with a focus on land management, bushfire mitigation, and customer service.

We will also provide parliamentary protection for significant reserves like showgrounds, travelling stock reserves and parks to make sure any future Minister cannot sell or transfer these public assets without seeking the approval of both Houses of Parliament. We will also ensure any Crown land transferred to local Councils remains as community land and cannot be sold.

Labor will also appoint the Crown Land Commissioner as a permanent standing role and restore the old Reserve Trust system abolished by this Government.

We will put the Trust back into Crown Lands.

The Berejkilian Government has sold off billions of dollars in public owned assets. Labor will put a halt to privatisation, and start to invest once again in our public spaces and those who care for it.

Mick Veitch MLC
Shadow Minister for Lands