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Crowds support MacMarket Day

Lynne Mowbray

Saturday’s MacMarket Day proved to be one of the best as the crowds came out in support of the Maclean businesses which had been affected by last week’s freak storm.

Owner of Ta’ Chele Australis Michele Gallagher whose shop was damaged by water in last week’s storm, said that MacMarket day is always one of her biggest trading days.
“It was a really great day and a lot of people came in to support us,” said Ms Gallagher.
“We had great sales and I think we have done better this year, absolutely.
“The shops still a bit ugly at the moment; it’s a bit hard to keep positive,” she said.

The Lions Club of Maclean secretary Jeff Sproal said that this year’s MacMarket Day was ‘excellent’.
It started off slow and then built up during the morning,” Mr Sproal said.
“The weather was great and by about lunchtime it was starting to warm up and the crowds started to slow down a bit.
“The stall owners were happy and they had a good day. We will have to look at the food court next year; it was popular but we could have been better.
“The Lions Club stall and raffle was popular and we had a bumper day.
“The Maclean and District Services Pipe Band were magnificent and the crowd loved them.
“This year’s event was a bit more spread out with the stalls and the crowd spread out a bit too.
“The weather was great and this year’s event was on a par with other years,” he said.


Images: Lynne Mowbray.
Main Photo: The Lions Club of Maclean with their wheel barrow full of goodies which they were raffling.


Above: Crowds pack into the Maclean CBD for this year’s MacMarket Day.


Above:  Maclean and District Services Pipe Band.

Above: Jaxon Doyle 3 and sister Matilda 5 were happy with their facepainting.


Above: Helen Connolly and Del Morison at C’est La Vie Francaise, in Maclean.


Above: Customers supporting Ta’ Chele Australis in Maclean. This was one of the retail businesses greatly impacted with water damage in last week’s storm.