Croquet at the Yamba Bowlo

It was a very cool morning that greeted us on Wednesday July 7. 

A card draw for partners with 22 players (dressed in their winter attire) commenced play with our first game. A warm welcome to Janis and Russell, who are enjoying their stay in beautiful Yamba for the winter. John gave them some coaching and instructions with our game of Golf Croquet. 

Toni reported their group were learning fast on how to snooker their opponents play, resulting with lots of laughter as they picked up the tricks of the trade. 

Leigh collected the Sheriff’s badge early in the day, until the last game and Rhonda road off with it, winning the honour for the first time with her hoop to hoop. Mal just improves with age and it is his birthday this week. 

Winning pairs were: Meg/Toni, Pam/Mal, Clare/David, Rhonda/Fay, Marilyn/Leigh, Graham/Fay, Marilyn/Leigh, Genny/Mal,  Rhonda/Ray, David/Fay, Dot/Lexie, Genny/Toni, June/Marilyn, Meg/Pam. 

Phone contacts are John Church on 6645 8189 or Graham Schubert on 6645 8073. 

To protect the greens, please wear soft soled shoes. Cost is $10 to play. Thanks go to the greenkeepers for presenting and setting up weekly for our play.

Fay Church