Croquet at the Bowlo without Bias

It was good to see 18 players turn up on Wednesday of last week at the Bowlo for croquet.

I met the newbie Chris and we welcomed Claire. The best laid plans of FJ to avoid the rain by changing to the morning didn’t look promising. We went out, came back in and finally went out again. Those present saw croquet history. From the paddock to the Bowlo after 27 attempts Susan and Steve J finally teamed up to win a game.

There have been many attempts to break the spell, none of which have been successful until now.  Jim, after some controversy claimed the Sherriff’s badge but unfortunately, I didn’t see anyone hit the centre peg to boost Kitty. David and Mal had a close tussle with Beryl and Jim being 6 all when the hooter sounded. Rhonda and Rosemary had a tight win over Claire and Susan. Chris and I copped a hiding from Clare and Steve F but we came back to score a win. 

Other winners were Rhonda/Rosemary, Fay/Lexie, David/Mal, Steve F/David amongst Toni/Clare. 

C U on Wednesday: 8am for 8.30. Anyone that is interested can just turn up or call Steve on 0428 126 119.


Steven Jenner