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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Thursday: rain. Friday: waterlogged. Saturday: waterlogged. Sunday: rain. The most exciting activity for croquet players was watching the grass grow. But Monday was glorious. Seventeen played on half courts, a new record. More came to enquire when they may play. Two spectated and washed the cups. Four players won all their games, Yvonne Gillet, Peter Martin, Pam Gauci and Rusty Case. Two nameless players lost all their games. A remarkable 157 hoops were run during the morning, although there was not a single hoop that sent players into ecstacies. Six jump shots were attempted, six failed, some to huge peals of laughter and ridicule. Louise Lowe and Frank Mack were newcomers who were partnered to good wins. Association players had their first outing for two weeks. Jim Algie and Rod Munro had a narrow win by 14-13 over Peter Deeth and Kay Munro. Wayne Gadke and Sue Deeth beat Jean Gadke and Peter Martin 26-17, with Wayne in excellent form early on and Sue finishing well. But the best news of the day was to have Jean Gadke back playing after a year away with ill health. Coutts Crossing Croquet is entering a new phase. The club has a licence from the council to run croquet for the next ten years, and land to build a second lawn. All will be welcome to play, especially school children and seniors. Club finances are sound and we can welcome many new members in the coming year. The enthusiasm for croquet from current members is infectious and addictive and there is great optimism throughout the club. Through the holiday season into February the club will play an unchanged schedule: Monday and Thursday, Golf Croquet at 8:30am, Wednesday and Sunday, Association croquet at 8am. We start earlier to beat the heat. Over the school holidays the club will offer several sessions for parents and children to try croquet and learn the game. Children must be ten or over and accompanied by a parent. Call 6649 5109 to make a booking. Sue Deeth