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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Images: Barry & Joy Campbell

At last! After two weeks washed out by rain and flood, croquet returned to Coutts Crossing last week. The lawn was in the best condition it has been for many years, straight and true.
Eighteen turned up to play and matches extended over six hours. In form and unbeaten were Frank Mack, John Buckley and Gillian Martin. Bill Gauci, (freshly minus his appendix), had only one loss, as did Joy Campbell. The only jump shot was achieved by Joy Campbell. The lawn was soft and jump shots banned for the day, but Joy did not get the memo. Gillian Martin had the only long hoop. But there was some excellent defensive play and although members were out of practice it was clear that strategies have sharpened.
Off the lawns there was good news. We had the first mow of the new lawn and are about to purchase a dozen new high quality mallets. Members may borrow these, and eventually purchase them.
Wednesday and the Association players were back. Handicap day and bisques were liberally used. In the battle of the new mallets, Peter Martin was too good for Simon Cook (received 10) and a final turn of 6 hoops led him to a 20-14 victory. Peter Deeth hit an astonishing range of long roquets, and missed running a similar range of short shots in ending up level with Sue Deeth (rec 4) at 7-7. Gillian Martin (received 6) did well, but faded after a tea break to lose to Graham Wilson 19-9.
The day ended with members fervently hoping that the remnants of Cyclone Debbie will not lead to as long an interruption of play as did last month’s storms.
Peter Martin