Croquet at Coutts Crossing

The Club had a most successful and busy April. Between ordinary play days, Seniors’ Week events and visits by groups including CVC Aged Care, 71 different people enjoyed playing croquet.
All members have appreciated and benefitted from the new shades and seats installed in recent weeks. The equipment shed has been reorganised, there has been a lot of paint applied by many members, and Pamela Gauci and Joy Campbell spent hours, on their knees, removing weeds from the lawn. With a new lining machine, our lawn is in the best condition for a long time. Thanks to all, especially Jim Algie who has led much of the improvements and renovation work.
Mother’s Day saw a couple of tight matches. Rod and Kay Munro tied 12 each. Peter Deeth just beat close friend Graham Wilson 18-17. But Jim Algie hit fine form against Sue Deeth with a 23-9 victory. It included one of the best roll shots; the whole length of the lawn the striker’s ball ran the hoop and the non striker’s ball was set perfectly for a rush to the next hoop.
Eighteen people at the club on Monday for golf croquet. Phyl Harrison liked the grass: four straight wins and no losses. Rusty Case had a 3-0 record and Nola Horrocks 2-0. Newcomers Marilyn and Royce Wilson each had one victory and three losses in most enjoyable games. Gillian Martin managed three wins, and one big loss. Joy Campbell, Pam Gauci, Bill Gauci and Frank Mack all had good wins, but some losses. Debbie MacIntosh and Jane Berger had mixed fortunes, but the Buckleys, Nea and John could not manage a victory between them. Still the old weary man was smiling. He ran the longest hoop of the day, and completed the only successful jump shot of the week. That will rejuvenate him.
Midweek saw the return of Wayne and Jean Gadke after a holiday in Europe. Both were rusty. Wayne lost to Rod Munro 20-9. Jean played a three player six ball game and scored 5 to Sue Deeth’s 11 and Peter Deeth’s 13. In a dour match Jim Algie lost to Kay Munro 11-9.
Peter Martin has returned after a visit to foster friendships with five Queensland clubs, but with a fractured elbow. Under doctor’s orders he can lift nothing heavier than a glass of merlot for the next month. So he will concentrate on training activities.
There are still some vacancies in the Croquet Club, so call 6649 3200 or 6649 5109 for details and directions, and come and play.