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Croquet at Coutts Crossing

Thirty seven degrees is no temperature to play croquet, and games ended early on Thursday. There was time for Phyl Harrison and Ken Davison to defeat Frank Mack and Nola Horrocks 7-5, and Joy Campbell and Pat Maclennan to edge home 7-6 against Peter Martin and Bill Gaucci: Pat’s 10 metre hoop helped. Gillian Martin and Phyl Harrison duked it out with the men: Frank Mack and Ken Davison, and won 7-4. A 20 metre hoop from a joyfull John Buckley helped him and Peter Martin to a crushing 7-2 win over Nea Buckley and Joy Campbell. Unusually most matches were won by wide margins, but at the same time nobody won all their games and only one lost all his, and we cannot remember his name. Peter Martin tried six jump shots: they all jumped but none went through a hoop. Sunday saw four Association singles games. Peter and Sue Deeth thought it was about time they battled again, Peter winning 20-11. Jim Algie and Wayne Gadke had a fast, close match, Jim edging home 26-22. Rod Munro beat Helen Forrest 14-6. Peter Martin had turns of 8 and 6 hoops, and little else in beating Kay Munro 23-19. Pre Australia Day saw male ascendancy on the lawns, although not male dominance. Ken Davison, John Buckley, Frank Mack and Peter Martin all had more wins than losses, but Gillian Martin spoiled the party by being the only player to win all her games. Phyl Harrison, Helyn Davison and Joy Campbell all played well and had victories, while Nola Horrocks and Pat McLennan had good scores in close fought matches. Ken Davison had the shot of the day, a 15 metre angled hoop in-off. The bragging rights game saw the Davison family overwhelmed by Phyll Harrison and Peter Martin 7-4. Post Australia Day and keen matches in the Association group saw Peter Deeth and Jim Algie counted scores 16-16, but had already upped hoops, so the idea of a golden point was abandoned. Rod Munro defended well against Wayne Gadke to win 10-6. Frank Mack came to watch, but quickly found a mallet in his hands. He did very well in his first association match and partnered Peter Martin to a 26-13 win over Nola Horrocks and Kay Munro. We have new players joining, but there is still room for quite a lot more. To play, or to come and watch, call 6649 3200. Drop by in the morning on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. Coutts Crossing is easy to find. Sue Deeth