Covid variant Omicron


On Thursday night at the Council forum in the park, someone, rebuked me because of my stance on mandatory vaccination. (I cannot speak out against vaccination due to a gag order from my Podiatry Board. If I were to talk anti vaccination, I could lose my position as a podiatrist).

This so called COVID 19 is the only virus on the planet that has had more variants. Alpha – UK, Beta – Africa, Delta – India, Zeta – Indonesia.

The vaccine for COVID 19 was developed and distributed before these new variants were discovered. Delta, said to have originated in India caused chaos worldwide. I predicted to all my patients that a new variant of the disease would be announced prior to Christmas 2021. Just last night 27th November WHO announced a new strain of COVID 19 had been isolated in Africa. Omicron is second variant after Beta attributed to them. The anagram for Omicron is MORONIC, in cartoon series Futurama >>> Omicron Persei 8 is a planet with aliens that want to enslave earth.

It is now Sunday 28th and the Australian health experts are saying that Omicron may already be in Australia. To that I must call “BULLSHIT”! How can something just discovered have spread throughout Australia in 24 hours.

How can a vaccine developed prior to new strains work effectively, when you need the components of the new viral makeup to fight that strain?

All the current vaccines in Australia are useless to fight off Omicron. Think about that and they still have not isolated Covid-19 or Delta, so how can they isolate Omicron.

I could talk about viruses, bacteria and dermatophytes (fungi) all day, there are 1,000’s of these organisms and their strains on the planet since the dawn of time, the big pharma globalists have only just realised how rich they can become commercialising them.

Donald Iain Scott, Clarenza