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Covid situation impacts Grafton CWA

Grafton Branch held its monthly meeting Friday August 13 with

14 members present and six apologies were accepted.

Due to Covid-19 mandatory chair placement restrictions were enforced, no singing the National Anthem and face masks were worn during the meeting procedure.

Due to the mandatory restriction, our annual tarts afternoon tea, which was to be held September 10, has been cancelled. This event is a fund-raising event for medical research, with all monies raised for the next three years going towards researching ovarian cancer.

CWA awareness week will be held September 5-11 with a focus on the need for more social and affordable housing in rural and regional NSW, to be highlighted. Grafton CWA will be using a shop window to display handicraft items, knitting, crocheting, embroidery and patchwork quilting produced by our members. Also produced by past officers will be international books, cultural books and publicity books.

CWA Grafton will be holding a stall at Market Square on September 9, on display will be handicraft articles, and cooking. Market will be starting at 3pm, please come and join us. Ladies will be handing out pamphlets on the day explaining what CWA is about, and all monies raised goes to CWA head office for distribution to the appropriate areas of need.

Next meeting will be held Friday September 10. Craft morning will be held August 23 at 9. 30am. All will be made welcome, so come and join us and bring along an article of handicraft. Morning tea will be served, so come along and enjoy a chat and cuppa.

North Coast Group meeting will be held in Yamba on Wednesday August 18.

Carol Smith