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COVID-19 safety management plans a must for the holidays

The North Coast Public Health Unit (NCPHU) is urging businesses to ensure they have their COVID-19 Safety Plans in place ahead of the winter school holidays.

NSW Health and other government agencies are currently visiting premises to assist business operators with developing and implementing their plans in compliance with Public Health Orders issued in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some businesses will need to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan under the public health orders, like if a pub, club or small bar, but you can also voluntarily complete one for your business. To find out if your business needs to complete a COVID-19 Safety Plan, visit the website.

NCPHU Assistant Director Greg Bell said the NSW Government recommends all businesses use their own COVID-19 Safety Plan to protect staff, customers and visitors on their premises.

“We applaud those operators who have developed their plans already, and our public health staff are keen to assist other business operators to develop their plans, to ensure their premises comply with the requirements of the Public Health Order and are safe for staff and customers,” Mr Bell said.

“To prevent a second wave of COVID-19 across the north coast we need everyone to play their part in preventing further transmission of the virus in our region.”

While the current Public Health Order requires development and compliance with a COVID-19 Safety Plan for some types of premises, any business can voluntarily complete one.

“When you’re completing your plan, consult with your staff, and share the plan with them when it’s done,” Mr Bell said.

“By implementing your COVID-19 Safety Plan you can show your staff, customers and community that you are a COVID-safe business and you’re committed to keeping them safe.”

Different industries have specific requirements for COVID-19 Safety Plans, but each one needs to outline how a business will manage:

  • hygiene and safety
  • physical distancing
  • the recording of contact details of staff, customers and visitors such as trade suppliers, and staff wellbeing.

Resources, including guidance and templates for developing a COVID-19 Safety Plan are available at the COVID Safe Businesses website www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/covid-safe-businesses.

For on the ground support, guidance and assistance, please contact your local Public Health Unit on 1300 066 055 or your local council.