Eight players whose ages totalled 700 years. Image: Contributed

Coutts Crossing OBE Championship

Monday was the club members’ Birthday and they celebrated with a fine day of croquet and food. Highlight of the day was the 2019 ‘Over Bloody Eighty’ championship. Frank Mack, Pat MacLennan, Phyl Harrison, May Ford, Joy Campbell, Gillian Martin, Sheila Foley and Eric Wheeler took part. Their ages totalled 700 years.

The play was intense and the standard extremely high. Phyl Harrison was in deadly form; in the early rounds beating May Ford 7-2 and Frank Mack 7-1. Shelia Foley pushed Eric Wheeler to the 13th hoop. In the end the finalists were Joy Campbell and Phyl Harrison. Phyl led most of the way but the game ended on the 13th and final hoop, Joy winning 7-6 to become our 2019 champion.

In other activity Wayne Gadke ran a hoop to hoop, and two shots later did it again. In the long hitting contests Lola McPhee won the ladies section and Peter Martin just won the gentlemen’s with a 52 metre thump. Thanks to all those who organised the day, especially Sheila Foley and to Bob Hadley, a champion barbecue expert.

By Thursday the GC people wanted more. Joy Wright had three good games and a strong victory. Nea Buckley and Cynthia Corcoran were back and Nea played particularly well; Phyl Harrison starred with two hoop to hoops.

Ricochet Tuesday was dramatically shortened by rain, but not before Debbie MacIntosh had a fine win over friend Rusty Case, and Gillian Martin had a life time best 4 hoop turn.

In AC activity Peter Deeth overcame Simon Cook 16-9. Later Peter Deeth dominated Peter Martin and lead 16-2, but Peter Martin responded with a 9 hoop turn, in the end losing 20-16.

Training Friday saw the first appearance of June Blackadder, who, in a competitive game, ran 3 hoops.

Coutts Crossing plays ‘golf croquet’ Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and anyone interested is welcome to come and watch or to play. You will be most welcome. Call 6649 5109 for details.

Peter Martin