Coutts Crossing freedom

Almost back to normal on the croquet lawns, no handshakes, just tapping mallets. Otherwise all systems go!

Monday October 11 saw two spectacular GC shots. Robyn Walters, still hobbling, had a most unusual two hoops in one hit, from in the jaws at three to running 4. Peter Martin was cleared out almost to the corner, but came back with an in-off. There was a good crowd despite the threatening rain, the final four finishing soaked. Ricochet was rained off.

We rescued the end of the week by the use of our sopper, pushed by multiple volunteers, to clear excess water, and newly mowed lawns and white lines. It allowed GC to be played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. One odd match saw Keith and Jan Brodie and Marilyn and Royce Wilson where three of the players each had a hoop to hoop.

Sunday GC saw an inform Peter Deeth just get home 26-21 against Gillian Martin.

The finals  of the GC Doubles was due to be played on October 18 and the OBE championship in November. The strongest club in the north of the State, Ballina Cherry Street, has challenged us to a one off “Best in the North” GC match in December, at Coutts Crossing, over two days, 16 a side.

Peter Martin