Coutts Crossing croquet Singles Championship

The first matches in the Club GC Singles Championship saw a win for Rita Johnson over Dave Norris 7-6 in a match of high quality. Barrie Johnson played at his best but still lost to Pam Gauci 7-5. Phil Jordan continues his rehabilitation: two games a day and both victories. Kathy Schofield turned the tables on Paul: Monday she had only victories, Paul had only losses.

Ricochet saw Louise Lowe and Marilyn Richmond combine skills and strategy for a stunning 10-3 win over Gillian Martin. Rusty Case went down by one to Peter Deeth but then warmed up and beat Wayne Gadke 10-4. Peter and Wayne are preparing for the State Ricochet Championships later this month.

Thursday saw 20 GC players. In the Championship Phil Jordan, recovering from foot surgery beat Ken Davison 7-5, Royce Wilson beat Tom Brayshaw 7-3 and Joy Campbell beat Pam Jordan 7-3. Wayne Gadke beat Keith Brodie 7-3, Gillian Martin was fortunate to beat Jan Brodie 7-6, Paul Schofield beat Rita Johnson 7-2,  and Kathy Schofield beat Sheila Foley 7-5.

In social Games, Kathy Schofield continued her fine form and has not lost a match in the last seven. It was a delight to see Bev Norris playing again after a year away, and winning! Royce and Marilyn Wilson went home happy with two big wins each. It was bitterly cold, but play continued for over four hours. Wendy Howard has joined the club. After an intensive three hours of coaching and practice, she decided this was the sport and the club for her.


Peter Martin