Coutts croquet is back

Full play resumes Thursday February 18 at 8am with golf croquet.

At the same time our best players will be arriving in Woolgoolga for the first match of the Pennant season. The team of Phil Jordan and Wayne Gadke, Gillian Martin, Pamela Gauci, Helyn Davison and Sheila Foley, Paul Schofield and Tom Brayshaw has been well prepared by the Club coaches and should be confident of a victory

At home the lawns are better than last year except for a few small patches under repair, and standards are expected to be high. A few players had a sneak preview by playing on Saturday morning. They all looked rusty but were happy with the lawns.

The first Sunday of the teenagers and seniors team events saw a tie between Llywellyn and Millie Lloyd, who each went home with $80 pocket money and big smiles.

Partners John Sandos and Sonia Lloyd showed remarkable skills from the start, although at the end Millie outshone them all. The second teenager-Senior event will be next Sunday at 4pm with further big prizes on offer.

Entries must be made in advance by calling 0438 999 204.


Peter Martin