Council’s sale of public assets

The political class have in recent times been guilty of some superbly disreputable behaviour and Australians across the country have responded with a distrust, disgust and outrage that have matured into a level of cynicism verging on open hostility.
The decision by a majority of Clarence Valley Councillors to sell the McNaughton St Maclean property must rank as one of the most short-sighted, irresponsible, reprehensible, insensitive and downright stupid decisions since the one made allowing a builders yard to be built on the water front on the site that was historically the commercial front door to the town.
Are those Councillors so devoid of creativity, vision and imagination that they believe it to be a desirable option to pay off 0.4% of the Council debt by selling a key element in the future planning of the public waterfront? Are they ignorant or simply oblivious to the enormous significance of the site to the indigenous people of the district and the shameful treatment in the not so distant past? Have they ever heard that those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them?
One thing is certain nothing has better demonstrated that the claimed objective of Council to “open the town up to the river for the people (ALL of the people)” is nothing more than a lip service to placate the objectors. The new Council started with some semblance of credibility as being supportive of the public interest. We had hopes for you. The credibility you had has now been severely damaged.
Ian Saunders,
Hon Secretary
Greater Maclean Community Action Group