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The traffic study comments on Option 4 – Mini Roundabout Upgrade: “There is no Austroads standard that covers mini roundabout design factors such as entry path radius and these have not been taken into account. “In order to allow 19m vehicles to turn left out of Treelands Drive and not cross over into the opposing traffic lane of Yamba Road west bound traffic, the north-east corner requires some kerb adjustment and subsequent land resumption. “The concrete mini roundabout would require to be fully mountable to accommodate heavy vehicle turning movements. “To maintain the existing kerb on Yamba Road, there is insufficient room for compliant raised kerb splitter islands. In their absence painted chevroned line markings have been used to delineate traffic.” Image: CVC

Councillors’ last ditch bid to stop Yamba traffic lights

Geoff Helisma | Following last week’s council meeting (Tuesday August 21), three of the four councillors opposed to the 5-4 decision to install traffic lights at the Yamba Road and Treelands Drive intersection lodged a rescission motion calling for the decision to be reconsidered. Councillor Karen Toms, along with co-signatories Cr Peter Ellem and Cr Greg Clancy, have proposed the motion, which will be heard at an extraordinary council meeting at the Clarence Valley Council’s Maclean chambers at 1.30pm on Tuesday September 4. The councillors are calling for the rescission of two of the five points adopted at last week’s council meeting, which are: “…a signalised intersection as the control measure for the Treelands Drive/Yamba Road intersection” and the completion of its detailed design. The councillors will argue to modify the decision, by adopting Option 4 (a mini roundabout) of the four possible options tabled in last week’s report to council. This option was not discussed at the council meeting, nor was Option 1, a geometric and line marking upgrade. While the report to council noted that adopting Option 4 (a mini roundabout) would not result in significant improvements in congestion, improvements in pedestrian and cyclist safety, or a significant extension of the intersection’s life (when compared to a concrete roundabout or traffic signals), the mini roundabout option matches the concrete roundabout and traffic signals assessments, regarding when it will fail to adequately accommodate predicted traffic (2038). The costs of the four options, which were assessed in the Options Study for Yamba Road and Treelands Drive Intersection are: Option 1 – pavement marking $ 33,600; Option 2 – [concrete] roundabout $ 3,588,720; Option 3 – signals $ 501,000; Option 4 – mini roundabout $ 174,000. Note: Option 2 includes an estimated $683,100 for the resumption of land needed to accommodate the roundabout, which would cost an estimated $2.01million dollars and include the closure of the southern entrance to Yamba Fair.