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Councillors formally vote to cancel the 2020 bulky waste collection

The 2020 bulky waste collection across the Clarence Valley has been formally cancelled as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, following a vote by Councillors at the May meeting. It was also resolved that the bulky waste collection fee of $12.50 collected from this year’s rates will be rolled over to the 2020/2021 financial year for next year’s service.

“Manual handling of items left on the kerbside presented a significant health risk while we were living under the more extreme COVID-19 restrictions, our focus was maintaining the regular kerbside bin collection which took precedence over everything else,” explained Peter Birch, Clarence Valley Council’s Acting Director of Civil Works.

“This pandemic has been a challenge for many businesses and all levels of government, impacting our service levels to residents. I know some residents will be disappointed by this announcement. We were hoping to re-arrange a collection for later in the year, however we were unable to do so.”

“The $12.50 fee that was levied to ratepayers for the 2020 service relates to the budgeted cost to undertake the bulk waste collection. The 2020/21 Domestic Waste Charge will now be reduced by $12.50,” he added.  

For now, all Clarence Valley Waste Transfer Stations and landfill remain open for waste disposal. Household quantities of items such as paint, gas bottles, batteries, fluoro globes and electronic waste can be disposed of for free, so long as they are presented for disposal in isolation and are not mixed with items destined for landfill.