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Council sponsored local fishing event goes ahead

Last weekend’s Wild River Bass Classic was the first Clarence Valley Council Sponsored event to go ahead since January.

Alicia Savelloni, Event Development Officer said the sponsorship funds have allowed this long standing event to go ahead with new COVID-19 safe measures in place.

“It’s important that events that we support can take place safely”.

“The $1,500 Sponsorship from Council is being used to ensure that social distancing is observed and that event organisers can offer the appropriate space to participants throughout the two day event”.

“As most of us know, events provide a boost to the local economy through visitors spending on accommodation, food, petrol, gifts. It’s exciting to see an event happen in this difficult time, especially one that utilises and promotes our biggest natural asset, the Clarence River” Ms Savelloni said.

Dave Copperthwaite, organiser of the fishing event thanked Council for their support and said that there is no better river than the Clarence River, adding that it is beautiful from top to bottom!

“There are 80 participants this year and everyone is very excited that the bass fishing classic can go ahead, even though the numbers have been restricted compared to previous years”.

“The Wild River Bass Classic gives people a chance to pit their wits against the fish and for some this can be a frustrating activity”.

“Fish that are 60cm in length are known as the unicorn fish where as most competitors will be happy to catch anything around 50cm”.

This year the leader board was updated live via an online app. Contestants used the app to upload pictures of their fish in real time.  All fish are released immediately after being photographed and this app enables this process to happen quickly reducing any stress on the fish.