Council-led local recovery is good for business

The business sector has joined Local Government NSW (LGNSW) in calling for Federal and State governments to put councils front and centre in the state’s COVID-19 recovery efforts.

Western Sydney Business Chamber recently issued a blueprint to help kickstart Sydney after COVID-19 through locally led council projects.

LGNSW President Linda Scott said it was pleasing to see the business sector supporting an economic recovery plan that is led by local government.

“We certainly welcome the chamber’s “Shovels Ready!” initiative, which is consistent with what LGNSW has been advocating right from the beginning,” Cr Scott said.

“LGNSW continues to advocate for further locally led economic stimulus measures including the fast-tracking of State and Federal government funding for infrastructure programs such as road improvements, cycleways and footpaths.

“Councils across the state stand ready to carry out shovel-ready infrastructure projects which will inject money into the local economies, by employing people, including local businesses.

“Councils have already identified hundreds of local infrastructure projects across NSW that are good to go.   

“LGNSW supports Western Sydney Business Chamber’s key recommendations calling on governments to direct grants or loans to bring forward local capital works and civic infrastructure and removing rate pegging or allowing it to be raised to respond to the economic crisis.

“Increased and fast-tracked Federal and State stimulus funding for local projects will help councils sustain their local economies, keep people in jobs and keep businesses in business in every corner of the State.”