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Container scheme deposits in CVC bank account

Geoff Helisma |

Clarence Valley Council (CVC) will reap a cash windfall of about $350,000 per annum as a result of the NSW Government’s container deposit scheme.

The scheme instructs that CVC and the “materials recycling facility operator [Polytrade Recycling] must have a refund sharing agreement … to be eligible to claim a refund on eligible containers collected through the kerbside recycling service”.

The revenue is shared on a 50/50 basis, less annual administration costs of $39,000.

The agreement is to be reviewed in 12 months.

“It is anticipated that council’s share of the revenue will initially be approximately $350,000 per annum,” the report to council stated.

“In future years, as more container refund facilities are established, the number of containers remaining in the yellow kerbside bins may reduce, resulting in reduced revenue.”

The additional funding will be transferred to CVC’s domestic waste cost centre.