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Consider electrical safety before you plant or prune

Essential Energy is reminding property owners to be aware of electrical safety when planting or pruning vegetation around the garden this winter.

Acting Regional Manager North Coast, Ross Berry said the mature height of trees and bushes should be considered when planting on a property.

“Plant trees and shrubs at least 15 metres away from powerlines and poles or a distance equal to their fully-grown height – whichever is greater” Mr Berry said.

“Keep clear of underground pits, pillar boxes and padmount transformers and avoid species that have invasive root structures that could impact underground assets.”

For helpful tips on appropriate species to plant near powerlines, or to download a comprehensive Plan Before You Plant guide, visit

Essential Energy recommends gardeners consider potential hazards around the yard as electricity can jump or arc across an open area and trees can conduct electricity through them.

“Always keep well clear of overhead powerlines and service lines to houses when undertaking outdoor activities like gardening or pruning,” Mr Berry said.

“Exercise caution when using pruning equipment and pay attention to nearby objects when moving or carrying ladders.

“Don’t attempt pruning and lopping if vegetation is less than three metres away from poles or wires, or if there is a risk debris could fall across powerlines – contact a qualified arborist.”

If you notice vegetation near electrical infrastructure that may pose a risk, contact Essential Energy on 13 23 91 to arrange an inspection.