Concern from Grevillea Waters resident


I vigorously object to the filling of the land, then the construction of 16 high rise units at 30 Golding Street, Yamba 2464 DA2023/0776.

This land is classified as flood prone, and living next door to it we know how much water it retains during heavy rain.

Building on this land would be a disaster. Where would the water be forced to go? Ill tell you, straight into the creek surrounding Grevillea Waters Village.

During the 2022 flood many houses had water lapping on their front doorsteps, on many occasions we could not leave our village because of water surrounding it. In our village 80% of our residents are over the age of 70, imagine a flash flood hitting in the middle of the night, don’t say it can’t happen, look back at Lismore and surrounding towns, the devastation that hit the little village of Eugowra in December 2022.

The evacuation of our village would be chaotic. Golding Street closed down and residents to old to scramble onto their roofs!

The Council must have put a lot of thought into this DA before making a decision?

The building design proposed does not fit in with the current environment, this section of Yamba has Market gardens, cattle breeding paddocks, bush landscape etc.

Residents of Grevillia Waters not only have flood water to worry about, but it also has a big word call precedent, if these high-rise units are granted at 30 Golding Street, what next? 

36 Golding Street, yes this will happen, so I implore all residents at 36 Golding Street to appose this development application immediately, your future is at stake.

Reg Buxton, Yamba