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Photo 1: Braunstone resident Shelia Dennis, 70, received her first Covid-19 vaccine from pharmacist Michael Troy at Southside Pharmacy last week. Image: Emma Pritchard

Community rolling up for vaccines at Southside Pharmacy

Emma Pritchard

Shelia Dennis from Braunstone was among 150 Clarence Valley residents who rolled up their sleeve and received a Covid-19 vaccine at Southside Pharmacy in South Grafton last week.

Revealing she “didn’t feel a thing” as pharmacist Michael Troy expertly administered her first dose of AstraZeneca on September 8, Ms Dennis also said she was thankful to have access to the vaccine via a local pharmacy.

“It was very convenient,” she said, adding she received her vaccination “about a week” after booking her initial appointment.

“The main reason I decided to get vaccinated is because I don’t want to get Covid-19, and it was very easy to get it done locally through the pharmacy.”

Southside Pharmacy have been administering AstraZeneca vaccines for close to a month, and Mr Troy said the business has received a positive and encouraging response from the Clarence Valley community, with people aged 18 to 80 and above booking appointments to receive their vaccinations.

“Everyone who has come in and rolled up their sleeve has been very happy and very appreciative of being able to get their vaccination done at their local community pharmacy,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to be able to provide such a vital and integral service, and lots of people have been contacting the pharmacy to seek the appropriate information regarding the vaccine to help them make an informed decision.

“We administer 150 vaccinations each week and my team have been brilliant and have really stepped up to the mark.”

All three pharmacists at Southside Pharmacy are trained vaccinating pharmacists.

While AstraZeneca remains the only Covid-19 vaccine currently available, Mr Troy said the recently Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved Moderna vaccine will be rolled out in the next few weeks.  

Mr Troy said receiving a Covid-19 vaccine dramatically reduces your risk of catching and transmitting the virus.

“It also reduces your risk of being hospitalised, becoming a burden on the healthcare system, incubation, and potentially, the fatal nature of the virus,” he said.

Mr Troy is also encouraging Clarence Valley residents to speak to their local pharmacist, GP, or a trusted healthcare professional about receiving a Covid-19 vaccine to ensure they receive the appropriate information to make an informed decision, and he is also urging people not to rely on social media.

To book a Covid-19 vaccine at Southside Pharmacy, please call 66 423 788 or visit

Ms Dennis is booked to receive her second dose of AstraZeneca at Southside Pharmacy on October 20.