Community News

Combined Churches of Maclean

The annual general (AGM) meeting of the Combined Churches of Maclean (CCLF) will be held on Tuesday March 5, in the Baptist Church, Townsend, at 2pm.

Our Chairman, Val Keevers, will give devotions, and the AGM will continue as usual.

A special feature will be to officially welcome our new Shoe Box Co-ordinator: Beth Sonter, and plan for this year’s collection to proceed.

We welcome new members to all of our meetings. Our rules are simple: Everyone is welcome, men, women, clergy – everyone!

We have no membership fee, accepting donations is our only income – whatever comes in for functions, special events etc., goes out for that cause.

There is to be a visit from Trevor Morris, the Queensland Samaritan’s Purse Manager, in March, to help us on our new direction in management.

Next meeting: Tuesday June 4 at 2pm, will be in the Uniting Church, Maclean.

So let’s come and meet each other now, – and then!

Glenys Irons