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Club restricts “hot spot” patrons

In an effort to protect the elderly residents of their small village, the Brooms Head Bowling Club have made the decision to implement restrictions on entry to the club.

Brooms Head is a popular tourist destination and the small village attracts visitors from around the state and interstate staying at the caravan park, Airbnbs, National Park camping grounds and other holiday rentals.

With the closure of the Victorian border and clusters of COVID-19 cases on the rise around Sydney, the Bowling Club said that they are committed in doing their best to keep the club COVID-19 safe during this time.

Office manager Robyn Mehrten said that they have had a lot of visitors to the club that they have had to turn away, due to having come from or reside in a COVID hot spot.

“Most people are pretty good, but some haven’t been and the reason we’ve done it is because we want to protect our community and our elderly patrons who come here,” Robyn said.

“It was a decision made by the management and board as well as the staff, to look after our community.

“We come under Clubs NSW and the board are entitled to determine who can or can’t enter the club. Members are allowed to come in as long as they haven’t been to a (COVID) hot spot.

“It’s a worry for our elderly residents because we are a tourist village and since we brought this in a couple of weeks ago, they feel a lot safer.

“When we brought this (restriction) in we had a couple ladies come in from Potts Point, which was one of the hot spot areas in Sydney at the time.

“This is something that we will just monitor on a month to month basis.

“It just depends on what happens and whether they get it under control in Sydney; and then we’ll reassess it,” she said.