Close finish in the sun for Bravehearts

Well, not so close when playing though…. at MCGC last Tuesday.

Everyone was in full swing regarding the lockdown, playing in pairs, with masks etc so we could stretch out and have some quality time to forget all the mayhem (not the rules though).

The ladies were odds on for the win at Bravehearts but they had to settle for a tie instead.

We played the first nine holes and wow, what a glorious day we had to see our two top players score 34 points in the Stroke event on the first nine holes.

Marilyn Hopkins (h/cap 54) and Rod Dee (h/cap 19) were triumphant and were three shots ahead of nearest rival Gary Taylor (h/cap 20) on 37 points.

In further order of merit we had: 38 – Trev Wright; 38 – Kim Pye; 38 – Linda Goodwin; 43 – Allan Downton.

As per gathering requirements, no one hung around to find out the results, so all prizes were picked up the following Tuesday when the dust had settled.

We are still able to play in pairs so come out if you’re able to make it and join us, men, women, children of playing age, all welcome at 8.30am Tuesdays at Maclean Country Golf Club. 

Stay clear of everybody while this lockdown lasts, and keep fit and healthy.

Gary Taylor