‘Climate Emergency’ becoming more democratic now


Today in early spring the temperature is 10 degrees above normal as our climate emergency really starts to kick in. 

With several very destructive bushfires now, both close to homes in the Clarence Valley, around Tenterfield and on the Sunshine Coast in southern Queensland, you can only imagine how much more damaging bushfires will be in the bushfire season in the height of summer.

However now that lovely properties are starting to be threatened and destroyed by the bushfires more people are at last starting to take our climate emergency seriously. 

Is it any wonder that countless thousands of school students and their supporters who will attend one of this Friday’s 2500 climate emergency strikes in 117 countries around the world, are demanding our governments “TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW!”

How sad and shameful that our wealthy country, so abundantly resourced with the potential for renewable power, is the developed nation with the world’s worst record in its efforts to address our climate emergency.

So as we really start to get hot under the collar as bush fires continue to threaten our homes, is it any wonder that many thousands of Australian school students and their families will be attending climate emergency strikes and will be demanding our own government “TAKE CLIMATE ACTION NOW!”

For if our government continues to fiddle while Australia burns, our climate emergency will become even more democratic with the loss of many more homes.

Harry Johnson, Iluka