Climate Change rebuttal


Ray Smith’s lengthy letter (25.11.20) is significant in that it comes directly from the climate sceptic songbook – the melody maybe OK but the lyrics are rubbish.
Climate change is a natural phenomenon taking place over millenia while global warming is a change in climate directly resulting from human activity in modern times.
Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, CO2 in the atmosphere has increased by 30% and it is the greenhouse effect of this increase driving global warming.
As Ray says real scientists by definition are sceptics but on the other hand climate sceptics are very rarely true scientists.
Contrary to Ray’s assertation the science is settled – real climate scientists – CSIRO, the BOM, NASA in the USA, the British MET and their equivalents around the world are in unanimous agreement and the IPCC is a natural consequence of this unanimity.
Conspiracy theory regarding the IPCC is a favoured sceptic ploy but all too often the sources of such nonsense are all too often aligned with the fossil fuel industry.
Last year’s fires were not due to global warming alone but even the dumbest observer would realise that the fury of the fires was exacerbated by 2019 being the hottest Australian year ever recorded.
Of course sceptic Ray avoided mentioning the all too obvious results of global warming:- worldwide recession of glaciers, warming and acidification of the oceans, melting permafrost, acceleration of polar glaciers etc etc – all measurable over recent decades.
‘Climate emergency cult’ and ‘climate alarmists’ is derogatory sceptic speak (used by Ray and favoured by others such as those on SKY News) but is no more than a deliberate slur on climate scientists producing peer reviewed work.
Nevertheless the planet is facing a clear and present danger and sceptic conspiracists like Ray should be treated with great caution.

Ted Strong, Seelands