Cleaning up after the storm

Ed, The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation and that of many other Maclean residents for the prompt, expert and hard working response of Council staff as well as by emergency services people to the mess left by last week’s Tuesday storm. I have been very impressed with the efforts to clean the streets and clear up the rubbish, the way Council staff have been available to talk to residents and to give reassurance, and the general air of efficiency. It seems that all the resources that could have been thrown into it have been thrown into it. I know that Council staff often gets bad press, so it is a delight to tell them that they are doing a great job. I do hope that this immediate effort can be followed up by quick and quality repairs to Council’s wounded Show Ground buildings. Many of the buildings there have suffered from neglect for some years and this is a great opportunity for Councillors to ensure they make good some of that neglect, including making the relevant buildings vermin proof and insulating them. Jenny Thomas, Maclean