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Photo 1: The Grafton Vintage Car Club held a display at the Lawrence Museum on September 16 which attracted plenty of interest from visitors. Image: contributed.

Classic car display drives up visitor numbers in Lawrence

Emma Pritchard

Driven by their enthusiasm to catch up with each other and relishing the opportunity to put their beloved vehicles on display for the public once again, members of the Grafton Vintage Car Club organised a special visit to the recently reopened Lawrence Museum last week. 

As the bonnets of 15 classic cars including two Jaguars, a couple of MGs and stunning Mustang gleamed in the warm spring sunshine, visitors basked in their magnificence and took the time to appreciate the quality craftsmanship and artistry parked alongside the former 2NR Broadcasting Station building in Merton Street.

John Porter from the Grafton Vintage Car Club, who is also the proud owner of a 1964 EH Holden which featured prominently as part of the display, said the event was well attended by enthusiastic locals who smiled appreciatively and gave the classic car owners several thumbs up as they admired their pride and joy.

“The cars got a lot of attention,” he said.

“A lot of older people loved seeing the vintage cars because they recognised them, and they liked seeing them again.

“The older cars are very simple, and they don’t have modern technology, but seeing a lot of them together was a real eye opener for the crowd.”

The display was the first event the Grafton Vintage Car Club had held since the recent lockdown was lifted across parts of regional NSW, and Mr Porter said many people had enjoyed the opportunity to get out and about again.  

“Our members were excited to be able to catch up again too,” he said.

“We were all saying how good it was to get out in the fresh air and catch up on all the goings on.”

Mr Porter also acknowledged Vice President of the Lawrence Museum Roz Jones for allowing the Grafton Vintage Car Club to display their classic cars at the local attraction.

“It was really kind of her and the work they’ve done at the museum over the last 18 months is incredible.

“It’s a real credit to her and it was good to be able to go along and support them.”

Ms Jones said she and the other volunteers at the Lawrence Museum were delighted to welcome the car club members, having just reopened the museum following the lifting of the latest lockdown. “It was great to see people enjoying the museum, and a thrill to have so many beautiful cars here,” she said.

“It was a sunny day, and it was nice to see people out and about.

“We opened to the public as well, so visitors could see both the museum and the cars, and we were rewarded with a good number of people coming from around the Clarence Valley.”

The Lawrence Museum is open between 9am – 1pm on Tuesdays and between 1pm – 4pm on weekends.