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Clarence Valley Ramblers – April outing

Eleven vehicles attended the April outing at the amended venue of Red Rock. The weather was great, and everyone had an enjoyable weekend.

When it came to the set program, the natives were revolting. Oops, I mean that they revolted and changed the program to suit the conditions, and the numbers who were still to arrive. While there weren’t any puddles, the ground was still damp underfoot, so disc bowls and washer toss were scratched.

However, the camp kitchen was an excellent meeting place for all to catch up on their flood experiences, plus all that had happened since the February outing. Of course, it was also a matter of ‘let the games begin’ for those who just love their board games.

Saturday afternoon provided much enjoyment with the barefoot bowls at the bowling club. We had 16 players making up four teams. It was very evident from the beginning that few of us had the skills necessary, but no one really cared about that small detail – and we had had instructions before beginning as well. Lorraine and Gail’s teams got underway immediately with their first bowls crowding the jack on the next rink. Ray, gallant as always, carefully picked up both bowls and relocated them back to their green. However, he placed one bowl right next to the jack.

While everyone endeavored to better the bowl, most bowls landed next door on Tim and Ken’s green. The girls team decided not even to try and score and were very fair letting each team have a turn to go first. On the next-door green, it was much more competitive as they fought tooth and nail to win the right to go first on the next round. After four ends we all had had sufficient fun and laughter and decided to call it quits. One group went back to their vans for happy hour, while the other stayed at the bowling club for their happy hour.

On Sunday, the caravan park had allowed us to stay until eleven o’clock, so we were back at the camp kitchen for more games and the raffles. June had done an amazing job and all the raffles had green on them to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. These were the prizes from Copmanhurst, (cancelled due to the flood) which was two weeks from St. Pats Day, however they were still appropriate as she had decided that Red Rock was two weeks after St. Pats Day. As usual, great prizes were on offer. Rex and Marlene very generously donated a pot of honey for us to throw coins at and the closest would take the ‘pot of gold’. However, the nooks and crannies and hiding places for coins to roll to were many in the camp kitchen. So, it was decided to sell tickets at a dollar each and draw the winner.  It was also good seeing Chris and Don at our outing and hopefully they can attend more throughout the year. All left feeling very glad to have been able to have the outing and to see their travelling friends again. Be safe, especially on the roads, and keep well until our next outing at Coutts Crossing on the weekend of the 13th, 14th, and 15th May.

A farewell was given to the members who are off around Australia and other parts, we wish them all the best and safe travelling.

Judy Boatswain