Community News

Clarence River U3A

Four new groups are now open for enrolment. First group to get underway was ‘Pitter Patter’ (Gilbert and Sullivan) and started Wednesday May 22 with the Mikado. The group leader is Laura O’Brien.
‘Thursday Talkers’, a weekly group, meeting at 2-4pm in Yamba, at the Wooli St Hall, starts May 30. The group leader is Steve Jenner.  Please note, until such time as all members are accommodated membership of discussion groups is limited to one group only.

Weekly, on Thursday at 8.30am starting June 6 the ‘Yamba Walking’ group will be setting off following a route loosely based Yamba Museum historical walk. The route will change monthly. The walk is not strenuous exercise neither is it a slow walk. Leader is Anne Dinham.

‘Talking Travel’ will commence during July. This group will convene monthly on Mondays at 4.30pm in Yamba with Ruth Williams and Anne Dinham leading. Further details will shortly be found on the website, or, contact Anne.

We are still hoping to start ‘Pottery’ with Rosemary Every, if suitable kiln access can be found. More information will be provided as organisation for this group is finalised.

With the ‘Between the Leaves’ book group and ‘Shed Ukes’, even without Pottery, this will make six new groups so far this year.

Two new groups launched earlier this year, Between the Leaves and Shed Ukes has both been filled.

At ‘Croquet’ on Tuesday there were two hoop to hoops for Margery and Dick, one each for Margaret and Ken. Richard scored the only jump shot. Francis, Gail, Richard, Margie B., Susan R., Lucy and Hans all had good wins.

Due to the rain there was no play on Friday. The Pennant match with Yamba Bowling Club team will be rescheduled.

New members and visitors are welcome to join us, all equipment provided, call Ros on 6646 0235.

For the ‘Gardening’ group, Glenrock Gardens has come up with possible dates for a return visit, either Tuesday October 8 or Wednesday 9.  Sadly, we won’t be able to see Carolyn Robinson’s new garden at Eagles Bluff as they’ll be overseas but can visit White Cottage flower farm & vintage shop (no charge), Ivy Leaf cottage and chapel ($5 entry) both in town.

There has been no rain since we last visited, 1/2 hour watering is allowed each day in town but there are plenty of other things to see or do. I’ll try to get someone from tourism to join the bus as guide.

Bus fare will be $40 for 45 people, $35 for 50.  Golfer’s Inn Motel which has suites and 2, 3 and 5 bed cabins all with facilities, they’ve offered a bulk rate of $50 pp, S/S, continental breakfast $5, looks fine online, BBQ/dining room etc. Pay for all to U3A’s bank a/c.

Flower of month is chrysanthemum or dahlia, pot plant zygocactus, coleus or croton, floating flowers for floral art. After the meeting we visit Adrienne’s garden at O’Connell’s Lane, Palmers Island at 12noon.

Those who requested geraniums at the Twin Towns show, Trish has finally received some, pots are $7.50 and $5, she’ll bring them to the meeting on Friday.

During June, ‘A Little Bit of Culture’ has Art in the Paddock (book/pay online) for June 2 and on June 22 don’t forget the Neil Diamond Tribute Show at Yamba Golf Club, with dinner beforehand. In July 6-7 look forward to the Troy Castle, Michelle Ryan, Connor Willmore, Emma & Madeleine Short, opera concert with lunch at RSL beforehand (book/pay online) and on June 21 ‘Festival Spirit’ at the Criterion, Grafton and lunch at Village Green. Hopefully there will be a tour of the Sugar Mill (will know next month when they return and go into production).

Pauline Keegan