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Clarence Coast Dragon Boat Club looking for more members

Our magic dragon boat team has been huffing and puffing in the autumn and winter mists on the sea with high hopes of attaining great results in the upcoming regatta hosted by the Rainbow Dragons on 20th and 21st August. Our club has entered in a number of race categories, including the mixed, which, of course, combines male and female paddlers. Our male paddlers make up in strength what they lack in race experience, so we are looking for a fast finish in this race. We have sadly farewelled a number of our very experienced members, but have happily welcomed many newcomers to the club, who have quickly gained the skills required and thrown themselves into the training sessions with gusto. We also have a new Board of Directors: President – Gail Strickland; Treasurer – Lin Logsdon; Chief Coach – Dot Reed, directors – Lynda Leslie, Lyne Rae, Pam Gibb and Gaye Sprenglewski. Congratulations, ladies. There are many misconceptions about dragon boat paddling. A major one is the fear of capsizing. In fact, the sport has one of the lowest capsize rates among water sports. You will only get your ankles wet when getting on the boat, and you will be occasionally splashed by waves and other paddlers. Safety issues are paramount on the boat, and on the very rare occasion of a capsize, we immediately put our safety routines in place. Besides, the design of a dragon boat is made to hold ten times its weight, therefore a capsize is highly unlikely. You will be safe! When you sit in a dragon boat and hold the paddle for the first time, it is not hard to be overwhelmed by various thoughts, such as: sitting behind experienced paddlers and thinking that you will never be able to do this; or that you may not have the physical or mental stamina to keep going. Just imagine what it was like racing in a dragon boat 2,500 years ago in China and how you are now embracing that first step to continue that wonderful tradition. Trust and believe in yourself, the coach and the crew. Potential paddlers over the age of 12 years are encouraged to come and try dragon boat paddling. We train every Wednesday afternoon at 2.30pm and every Saturday at 7.30am at Yamba Bay Boat Ramp, next to Moby Dick Resort. For more information, visit us at or contact president Gail Strickland, at Laura O’Brien (with apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary)