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Graham and Tania Teague on their wedding day in 1961. Image: contributed

Celebrating 60 years

Emma Pritchard

As Graham and Tania Teague (nee Shnukal) celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on December 21, the couple lovingly reflected on the life they have created, the two beautiful children they have raised, their beloved grandchildren Lachie and Zoe, and the many special memories they share together.

The couple met in Lorne, Victoria, at The Arab Coffee Lounge where Miss Shnukal worked, and Mr Teague became a regular customer during his holidays in the area.

Describing her husband as being “very shy”, the Teagues first date was a quiet meal together and their relationship quickly blossomed.
After marrying in a Melbourne registry office, the couple honeymooned in Lorne and Sydney before returning to Victoria.

Mr Teague worked as an architect while his wife worked as a kindergarten teacher.

They welcomed two children, a son Michael in 1968 and a daughter Julia in 1970, before the family decided to leave Australia and journey to England in search of new adventures.

After two years living and working overseas, the Teagues returned to Australia to be closer to their families as their children grew older.

Following their retirement in the early 2000’s, the couple made the decision to relocate from Victoria to the Clarence Valley to be closer to their daughter and grandchildren in Angourie.

After discovering their dream home in Maclean with a beautiful view of the Clarence River, the Teagues farewelled the Garden State and headed north five years ago.

Their son Michael and his partner Lydia continue to live in Melbourne.

Embracing life in the Clarence Valley, Mr Teague, a keen sailor, became involved with the Port of Yamba Yacht Club while his wife continued spending time with her grandchildren.

When asked what the secret is to a long a happy marriage, Mrs Teague said she and her husband have very different personalities, but there is plenty of respect and understanding between them.

“He’s a very caring man, very reliable, and very good at problem solving too,” she said.

“I like the differences between us.

“I want to do things immediately whereas Graham says he can always wait a minute or two.

“We’ve very close and we share a lot together.”

Describing the Teagues as beautiful and loving people, daughter-in-law Lydia Rawlings said she is in awe of Graham and Tania and is so grateful they’re her in-laws.

“They’re such caring and supportive people,” she said.

“Congratulations on celebrating 60 years together.”

After cancelling their plans to visit the Byron Bay hinterland, the Teagues celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by having dinner at Angourie Resort on Tuesday evening.

They also received congratulatory cards from the Prime Minister, the Governor General, and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. 

Maclean couple Graham and Tania Teague celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on December 21. Image: contributed