All ready but nowhere to go. Image: contributed

CCDBC continue to engage in a virtual world

Clarence Coast Dragon Boat Club not only survived Stage 1 of Isolation Fitness Madness but have just completed Stage 2 with 24 members taking part.

Teams were rearranged and new team captains were delegated, and the fitness challenges exercised members brains as well as their bodies.
As per Stage 1 new team names had to be found. … Which quarantine bird are you and their reason for their choice? We had the following teams:

Brahminy Kite: completely independent, can hover effortlessly and so provide a good surveillance of people sneaking across borders on illegal holidays; are self-sufficient and able to catch fish and can also catch rats, (there are a few people around like that, they have all the toilet paper); and like us they are beautiful, graceful and elegant.
The Golden Eagle: cos we are going to “Fly like an eagle”; it is also the bird featured on the Mexican flag which, as we all know, is where Corona comes from!

Team Albatross: great isolation as they fly around the sea virtually not stop for years; maintain great social distancing with a wingspan of 3.5mm; if humans were like the Albatross COVID-19 would not spread, as they are very solitary creatures.

The Invincible Bitza Bird: genetic pool of the lorikeet – (toilet paper under control – down to five squares only at one time), kookaburra – (always laughing), cockatoo – (playing by the rules of anti-virus distancing), seagull – (just LOVVVVE our chips), bower bird – (would love a bunker, but no room for extension), magpie – (always warbling with no one really listening – hinge – drive – power – up), owl – (no not much has changed – life as usual).

The next challenge was for each team to submit three jokes. The Bitza Birds did well… *It may take a village to raise a child, but I swear it will take a vineyard to home school one. *Anyone else starting to get a tan from the light in their fridge. *The buttons on my jeans have started social distancing from each other.

The final team challenge of Stage 2 was to have a caption for the photo and the winners were: A’hhh the serenity, ‘Where the bloody hell are you?’, Big line up at ‘One Fine Cup’ and Unprecedented. Team captains made daily contact with their team either by text, email or phone ensuring exercises and challenges were completed and just to chat. DJ Bruce chose some fabulous ‘songs of the day’ to exercise to. President Ree when interviewed was really thrilled to see the input and commitment of each team to compete whilst keeping each other entertained and connected to our fab little club.

CCDBC will now move to Stage 3 of Isolation Madness with 25 members committing to The Push-Up challenge to start May 11.

Lesley Sutton