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Cattle sales continue during lockdown under strict conditions

The Grafton cattle sales went ahead on Saturday, September 4 and will be held on Thursday, September 9 as planned, however, there will be strict COVID-19 restrictions in place.
Clarence Valley Council’s Director for Works and Civil Jamie Fleeting said as was the case at the last cattle sale, only people essential to the operation of the sale yard and individual buyers would be allowed on site.
No couples or children will be allowed, nor will vendors and spectators.
“We were happy to see that everyone who attended the cattle sale on the 19 August were compliant with the strict lockdown rules,” Mr Fleeting said.
“The response from vendors and agents regarding the online streaming of the sale has been positive. People are able to watch the sale live online so they can feel connected with what’s happening in real-time.”
“A link will be posted prior to sale starting, and we ask that anyone wishing to watch the sale please do so online.”
The store sale will start at 9am Thursday as usual.
Check-in is mandatory throughout the sale yards. Mask-wearing and social distancing are also mandatory in all indoor and outdoor areas including the selling ring, ramps area, pens/laneways, and the crush/dip.
These rules will apply to all cattle sales during lockdown and are essential for the safety of the community and the ongoing operation of the sale yard.
Police may attend the sale to ensure that everyone is compliant with these COVID-19 restrictions.