Caravan Industry Supports National Road Safety Week as “Grey Nomads” begin to head north

One caravanning accident is one too many! 

There are over 750,000 registered recreational vehicles in Australia, and with many nomads looking to head north as the seasons change, now is an important time to bring road safety front of mind.  

In line with other initiatives during National Road Safety Week for 2021, Caravan Industry Association of Australia is taking action to provide tips and timely reminders about ways that campers can travel safely, have enjoyable experiences, and get home to their loved ones safely.   

You may have noticed across Australia, the country’s favourite buildings, bridges and icons light up yellow every night of this National Road Safety Week (16 – 23 May) in remembrance of the 1,200 lives lost, and more than 39,000 people seriously injured on Australia’s roads each year.  

“During National Road Safety Week we are asking all drivers and road users to ‘Drive So Others Survive!’ As a very large and very important road user group we welcome the support of the Caravan Industry because like us, they recognise that everyone has a right to get home safe to their loved ones, every day, with no exceptions.” explained Peter Frazer, President, SARAH Group and Founder National Road Safety Week. 

“With more caravans on our roads during peak holiday and traffic times, it’s even more important for both their drivers and others around them to be aware of keeping a safe distance to make sure everyone safely reaches their destination” Mr Frazer continued.  

This comes at a time when campers traditionally look to head north in search of warmer weather. While there remains some hesitance and uncertainty when it comes to the risk of border closures, a recent survey showed that 65% of caravanners and campers were intending to travel north this season. The research also indicated increased desire from Australians who would not normally travel north, a likely result of the increased popularity of caravan and camping following the pandemic.  

“We are eager to support this important initiative promoting road safety. This is timely for our industry as nomads plan their migration north, driving long distances on unfamiliar roads” said Keelan Howard, GM Marketing and Communications.   

The past 12 months has seen many Aussies towing newly purchased campers and caravans, driving new motorhomes or dusting off product that might have been sitting in the shed during the lockdowns.  

“This week we are taking the time to remind all caravanners and campers, both new and experienced, about how to be safe and courteous on the road.  We are sharing tips about pre-planning your trip, managing fatigue, appropriate use of rest stops including truck rest areas, vehicle preparation, sharing the road with trucks, UHF communication and towing.” Mr Howard explained.  

Caravan Industry Association of Australia has worked in partnership with other state caravan associations, service providers and other relevant bodies, such as the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator and Queensland Trucking Association, to develop educational assets for campers to access for free, both online and printed. This is in the form of easy to digest videos, engaging online quizzes, booklets and stories across email, social media, and websites.  You are able to access this content by visiting the below websites. 

We invite you to join us sharing these important messages around road safety, making sure that people have the right information before they take their trip. Together we can make our roads safer.   

National Road Safety Week is an initiative of the SARAH Group. More information is available at: