Can’t park here


The issue of lack of parking during the IGA supermarket construction in Maclean is currently a hot topic, and it looks like getting even hotter! It was interesting to see our GM Ashley Lindsay getting in on the bandwagon and advising that “the shortfall is just 62 spots”. I don’t know who fed you that information Ash, but it’s not correct.

Right now there is a shortfall of 72 spaces, which will soon rise to 85 when the remaining 13 carparks along the eastern side of Cameron Park are absorbed into the semi-trailer access path. There are not 30 new carparks behind the Maclean Library, there are 20, and 4 spaces were removed giving access so the net gain at the Library is only 16. Same for the stated extra 5 spaces at Spar – no Ashley, there were 10 spaces before, now 13, but Council removed 2.5 spaces in River St for the new access – that gives a net increase at Spar of only a half space, 4.1m long. The additional spaces currently provided is not 108 as Ashley points out, it is 73+16+0.5 = 89.5. The one figure Ash was close with is that when the new supermarket is finished there will be 121 new spaces. This leaves the whole finished result at 30 spaces short, and if you include the 12 spaces lost in the Bowling Club Motel, there’s a total of 42 spaces permanently lost to the CBD parking.

The supermarket developer got a real bargain here, and Council’s own DCP Parking code first objective “(a) To ensure that the parking demands generated by business development are met on site” is a bit of a joke. Don’t forget that the supermarket generates the need for 69 additional spaces over what was there before all this debacle started.

Happy to table the facts if anybody is keen to listen.
Warren Rackham,