Candidates disappointment

Running as a candidate in the Local Government election can be an expensive exercise.
Although it isn’t mandatory, we chose to print corflute signs, how to vote cards, advertise on radio or in print media etc to promote ourselves with the hope of securing votes. The candidates are not reimbursed by the Electoral Commission, this expenditure is out of our own pockets.
Today I have been advised that my fourth corflute has disappeared or removed from where I placed it. This is very disappointing to me, as putting your hand up to work with your community can be a very rewarding job and also a thankless job, but it remains disappointing that someone has taken something that doesn’t belong to them. If this was done after the election this Saturday, I wouldn’t mind at all, but not before when we all want as much promotion and exposure as possible to generate some votes and be elected to Council.
Sue Hughes, Yamba