Campers are being bullied

Ed, Will the campers at the Brooms Head Caravan Park ever know the names of the Clarence Valley councillors intent on destroying the laid-back ambience of the Park. For more than half a century regulars and others have enjoyed a relaxed holiday at Brooms Head. Now some outside consultant has been employed to change it into an up-market, highly commercialised venture with fewer caravan sites. The idea being to lure tourists from far and wide, particularly from Queensland. Of course some improvements to existing facilities need to be done, but the Council has gone too far and has been high-handed in its approach. There has been no consultation with Campers or Locals for feedback on what is required. We have been presented with a fait accompli. Is this the usual workings of the Clarence Valley Council? Campers are being bullied into something that is very expensive and is an unnecessary overkill. Lyle Keats, Miranda (formerly of Maclean)