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Call to local food businesses to help fight hunger in the Northern Rivers

Australia’s largest food relief organization, Foodbank, has partnered with Y Waste, the discounted meals app, to develop a whole new way for businesses to make use of their end-of-day surplus food, while also helping to fight hunger in the local community.

Up to 40% of food purchased by restaurants, cafes and other foodservice businesses ends up in the bin. Through the partnership between Y Waste and Foodbank, businesses can now give worth to their waste and provide meals for people who might otherwise go without. Using the Y Waste app, businesses can easily offer their unsold food to be collected by people in need. Through Foodbank, local charities connect and identify vulnerable people who live in the area and need assistance. They can then log on and find local offers nearby and claim them with dignity just like any takeaway meal.

Ian Price, the founder of Y Waste says has always been great interest from businesses registered with the Y Waste app to be able to donate their surplus food rather than sell it. “Ninety percent of the food outlets we’ve spoken to want to donate meals in their communities and the indication is that over half of all the meals being offered through Y Waste will end up with people who can’t afford to buy them.” After a successful trial of the concept, Foodbank and Y Waste are now turning their attention to the Northern Rivers Region as the place to launch the initiative thanks to a project funded by the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre. Collaboration and assistance has also been provided by
North East Waste and their 7 member Councils. Foodbank and Y Waste are now seeking support from local restaurants, cafes, and takeaways. The registration process takes only a few minutes, and the app takes care of notifications, receipts and is free to use with no contract or minimum term.

When registered, businesses have the opportunity to save on waste disposal, help the environment and help genuine people facing hardship. More information can be found at the website

About Foodbank
Foodbank is Australia’s largest hunger-relief organization, food, and groceries to over
2,600 charities and 2,000 schools. Last year Foodbank sourced 42.8 million kilograms of
food and groceries – that’s the equivalent of over 210,000 meals a day.
Foodbank works with the entire Australian food and grocery industry including farmers,
wholesalers, manufacturers, and retailers. Donations include stock that’s out of
specification, close to expiry, or excess to requirements. Foodbank also works closely
with corporate Australia to secure much-needed funds and expertise to support its food
relief efforts.
In addition, Foodbank collaborates with suppliers, manufacturers, and transporters in
world-leading programs to source key staple foods that don’t come in sufficient
quantities via rescue channels. For more information, please visit
About Y Waste
With its focus on food retail, Y Waste’s purpose is to reduce both food insecurity and the
negative environmental and economic impacts of food waste. Its unique app and
community-conscientious partners manage to do both.
Y Waste targets short-life food offered for the donation from food retailers which food
charities are unable to collect for various reasons. By linking food retailers with end
recipients in the local community, its new food donation platform connects donators
directly with end recipients. Donating food is now no longer restricted by quantity,
nature, or geographical location.