Call for justice

Ed, I refer to the letter (CV Independent 30/5/18) from Ian Causley concerning the plight of sub contractors on the Pacific Highway upgrade, in particular the point he made regarding his government’s policy of withholding payments to main contractors until proof was presented that the relevant sub contractors had been paid. As a retired civil and structural engineer and as a principal in the 1970’s and early 1980’s in Australia’s largest professional engineering consulting firm, I can state that, in NSW at least, it was also our firms policy when preparing contract documents for construction works on behalf of clients (many of whom were Councils) to include such protection clauses in those documents. Accordingly, I applaud Ian and his government of the time and can only express my amazement that such a policy appears to have been abandoned by the present State government. Surely, the government has a responsibility of duty of care to all firms engaged in these works. John Sheean, Yamba