Business as usual or not?

Our Independent letters column gives space for us to see independent views but if we liked to bet about the probable causes of climate change, would we listen to the beliefs of 97% of the world’s respected climate scientists or listen to 3% of the world’s climate scientists who say what we are doing has nothing to do with climate change today and so business as usual is ok?

Is it any wonder our youngsters are so distressed that here in Australia we continue to do so little to address the causes of climate change or what could now be called our global heating catastrophe since the unprecedented Black Summer Bushfires?

By continuing to overuse energy from fossil fuels instead of urgently transitioning to energy from renewables we are only exacerbating the situation and saying to our youngsters we don’t like change, we’re ok and the future is what we have chosen for you.

The Covid-19 pandemic has produced a world first situation for humanity. For the first time ever we can no longer guarantee that the air we breathe is safe to breathe.

We can show our youngsters we really value them and the sort of world they are inheriting from us but only if we change the way we do things.

Harry Johnson, Iluka