Brushy girls (l-r) Taylah, Maddison and Tamika

Brushgrove Juniors getting the hang of the game

Brushy girls (l-r)  Taylah, Maddison and Tamika
Brushy girls (l-r) Taylah, Maddison and Tamika


Brushgrove Cricket Club Junior under 12’s headed out to Iluka last Saturday for their second game of the season. Fresh from the bye the previous week the young boys and girls were all very keen to take to the field and finally get back into playing some cricket.
Winning the toss the enthusiastic Brushgrove captain Will decided to have a bowl first. After a good couple of over’s the runs started to flow from the experienced Iluka team with only 1 wicket down at drinks and 76 runs on the scoreboard. The Brushy kids kept their heads up and managed to pick up 3 more wickets after drinks and all the kids bowled and fielded really well. Iluka finished with 116 runs.
Facing an uphill battle, things didn’t start too well for the Brushy kids, losing 4 quick wickets to be 5 for 47 at drinks. The middle order dug in and stemmed the flow of wickets. The Brushy girls all managed to get runs this week with Tamika top scoring 6 not out and she also managed a great wicket. Brushgrove finished with a total of 85 runs. A really good effort from all the team, who are starting to learn the ins and outs of this great sport.
Brushgrove batting innings: L Odgers c 2, A Randall c 0, T Anderson b 1, N Casey run out 0, R Anderson b 0, A Robinson b 0, W Anderson b 1, BP James c 5, ZA Quick c 0, T Clark not out 6, M Quick c 1, M Odgers dnb. Extras (nb 35, w 21, b 13, lb 0) 69. Total 85. Overs 27.2.
Brendan James