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Over the years many photographs have been taken of the Brooms Head Brumby. These photographs have been contributed by three of our keen local photographers. A tribute to the Brooms Head Brumby will appear in our next edition of SCENE magazine, which will be out during the last week of March. Image: John Ibbotson

Brooms Head Brumby farewelled

Lynne Mowbray |

Many residents in the village of Brooms Head have been saddened following the death of its last remaining wild brumby.

Over the years, this beautiful creature has touched the hearts of residents and visitors, as it freely roamed throughout the village and surrounding Yuraygir National Park.

Sadly old age had caught up with the much loved brumby and on January 16, he was laid to rest in one of his favourite locations, surrounded by those who cared for him in his final days.

Image: Stephen Otton
Image: Megashots Photography