Brooms Head bowls

Spectators were able to watch a two-sided game of lawn bowls on the morning of Sunday October 10 at Brooms Head Bowlo.

The favourites jumped out of the blocks, with a relatively inexperienced leader, who held his own against his more experienced opponent. This was followed by the second, (none other than a past B Grade Champion) who was able to cut the underdogs to threads, after being well supported by a very seasoned skipper.

It was a mementos first 12 ends as the guns got out to 20-4 lead.

Then, disaster, the underdogs came good, after a most experienced lead took over, drawing shots at will, supported at times by the next player, but helped by the third player.

You could see the guns were getting tied, which allowed their opponents to frustrate our B Grade champion and win the next seven ends 20-19. One end to play, and the underdogs second, had a great game, drawing close to the kitty to win the game 22-20.

Congratulations to Mick McCarthy, Paul Youlten, Blair Littlechild who defeated Lance Pedrana, Bob Rae, Robbie Woldseth.

Bob Rae