Saturday’s winning combination at Brooms Head. Image: Contributed

Brooms Head bowlers just sneak out before lockdown

On Saturday August 14 a total of 26 teams took to the greens on a very pleasant morning for a game of three round 14 ends pairs. Unfortunately, teams from Lismore, Ballina and Ocean Shores had to withdraw because of the Covid lockdown, we hope to see you at Brooms Head next year. After two rounds there were 10/2 round winners.

After a great Chinese buffet lunch (great reports) the teams waddled out to the greens for the last round of the day and about half-way through the round we got a message that there will be a Covid lockdown at 5pm; the last team got into the clubhouse about 4.15pm.

After three rounds there were 7/3 round winners.

Ian Parker & Cliff Vagg 88pts and Des Johnson & Mick Corbett 88pts were the leaders after a c/b. Ian Parker & Cliff Vagg won the day. With a very rushed presentation and very little time to wind down, every player was out of the club by 5pm which was a very sad way to finish a great day.


1st – Ian Parker & Cliff Vagg (88pts); 2nd – Des Johnson & Mick Corbett (88pts); 3rd – Brett Pingle & Peter Retelack (86pts); 4th – Don Plummer & Steve Jackson (85pts); 5th – J Law & Doug Burns (84pts); 6th – Alista Preston & Paul Youlten (82pts).

A big thank you to all of the helpers on the day and our sponsors.

Paul Youlten